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The Powered Tree Man

The Powered Tree Man


This week’s post is a bit selfish, as it's mostly for me. We buried my grandmother this past weekend. She’d been sick for a very long time, so coping with this loss was a little strange for me.

Anyway, I tried to edit some other half-finished pieces for this week’s post and I ended up taking a scary story she used to tell me as a child and turning it into a bit of a poem.

Enjoy it, or don’t. See you next week. 

There is a man that lives in the trees,

above the street.

He’s big and tall, but quietly creeps. 

So scurry little girl, as fast as you can,

or else you’ll be caught by the Powered Tree Man. 

He waits until it’s dark and late ,

so no one sees you, and you’ll never escape. 

He’ll pick you up and throw you in his sack. 

he’ll jump into the trees, and you’ll never come back. 

No one knows, exactly what or why,

but if you don’t obey, he’ll give you reason to cry. 

So listen to your parents, and be as good as you can. 

Because if you’re not, you might get caught by

the  Powered Tree Man. 

Rest well, Granny.