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The Box

The funeral industry is a rough one, there’s no doubt about that. We’re expected to shoulder the burdens of each family we serve. We’re so accustomed to doing death on a daily basis that doing life is a bit of a luxury.

I know I’ve mentioned the immense amount of patience you need to have if you have a Funeral Director in your life. Trust me, as tired as you are of us never being available, we feel it about ten times more. 

I wanted to talk a little bit about the box.

Every Funeral Director has one, and I thought it would be cool to shed some light on it for those who aren’t sure what I’m talking about. 
The box is a place where the most effective Funeral Directors store their personal issues and feelings. No, it’s not a physical box, it’s more of a choice. It’s a Funeral Director’s active decision to put aside their personal troubles for the benefit of the family. 

Issues with friends? Into the box. 

Going through a breakup?  Into the box. 

Family drama? You guessed it, into the box. 

"But Shannan, that seems unhealthy? How do you cope with bottling everything up for the sake of someone else?”

I’m so glad you asked. 

Quite frankly, it sucks, but you get through it. Whenever I start to get frustrated or overwhelmed, and the box gets a little too full, it helps me recenter and refocus. I didn’t lose someone today anyway, and I owe it to the families I serve to give them everything I have. Everything else, goes into the box. 

At least for now. 

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